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so, you've decided to fanforce your very own screening... what a great idea!

Fanforcing your screening is a great way to get a cinema full of like minded fans together – for fun or for a good cause.
Check out ways to make your screening special HERE, but first let us know a few things below.

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01. My Film

If that didn't work check out our library of great films on the films page or contact us to submit your own or get us to chase one down we don't have.


02. my cinema/venue

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IMPORTANT: Most cinemas prefer Mon or Wed night bookings. Choose these days for a fast approval of your screening. Occasionally other days can be organised but take longer to arrange and can result in higher ticket prices. We recommend booking your screening at least five weeks ahead of your preferred date to allow yourself enough time to promote your event. For more info click HERE.


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04. my screening

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Tell us why you want to host this screening and how many people you estimate will attend?

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