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About FanForce


What is FanForce?

What is FanForce?

An online platform for fans to get the films they want into the cinema – from new independent films to old classics but with the marketing and strategy behind it to reach audiences and drive engagement. This is the first time a crowd funded distribution platform has been paired with the resources and industry relationships of a dedicated Film Marketing Agency.

How does FanForce Work?

01: You pick a film from the library, set a day, time & preferred cinema.

02. You decide on the best way to promote your screening – from simple and cost effective options for single screenings to more complex options for multiple screenings. Or simply use our free options and your own networks.

03: You promote your screening to your fanbase. Everyone books a ticket. If the event reaches the critical mass required by the set date the event goes ahead. If it doesn’t get the numbers required the event can try again later and everyone gets a refund.

04 We organise the event with the cinema. All everyone has to do is turn up.

Who is it for?

Basically anyone who is interested in getting a film in front of an cinema audience: Fans, Filmmakers, Distributors, Exhibitors as well as organisations such as film societies, schools, social groups, cause focused collectives and charities. Everyone gets a piece of the pie: The content owner, the cinema owner as well as whoever holds the event.

What is a tipping point?

The tipping point is the minimum quantity of tickets that need to be sold in order for a screening to go ahead. This point is determined by all the costs required to host a screening which include Cinema hire, DCP duplications, KDM issue, VPFs, freight and management fees.

How does the tipping point work?

Once the tipping point is met, the event is confirmed – the Screening colouring changes from red to green and everyone who has booked is notified that the screening is going ahead. The tipping point DEADLINE also changes to the TIME LEFT TO BUY deadline – which is usually a few hours before the screening. The TICKETS NEEDED tab becomes TICKETS AVAILABLE tab. If a screening does not meet its tipping point by the set DEADLINE all reserved tickets are refunded.

What is a Host?

A host is the person organising a screening. Anyone can be a host, if you’d like to host your own screening please get in touch here.

Who is a Fan?

A fan is anyone who wants to buy a ticket to a screening.

Do I need Facebook to login?

Nope – you can create your very own FanForce account by clicking the Log In button.

What is a screening?

Screenings are film sessions held by hosts. Screenings can be as simple as all your friends in a room watching your favourite film or you can have a special event screening with a Q&A session with the films creators.

How can I find out what is currently screening?

Head to the screenings page to find out what’s screening in your local area.

What movies are available are available to screen on FanForce?

Find out what films to watch in out FanForce library, can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us an email with your favourite film and we’ll see what we can do! If you’re a filmmaker and you want to add your film to our library, send us an email!

What happens when I follow a film page?

When you follow a film you will receive any updates regarding the films screening. We’ll send you an email keeping you up to date with any screenings in your area! You can turn on/off these emails anytime you like but logging in to your FanForce account.

The film I want to see is not screening anywhere, what can I do?

You have two options 1: you can follow the film and be kept up to date with any screenings 2. or you can become a FanForce host and create your own screening wherever you want!

What’s my profile page, and what appears on it?

When you create a FanForce account, a basic profile page is created for you. It displays your chosen account name, the date the account was created, and a list of your favourite genres. Don’t forget to add a profile picture!

What should I do with my profile?

You should tell us about you! What’s your favourite film? Do you have a website? Share it with us!

I'm going


Questions about attending screenings

buying tickets

How do I Buy A ticket?

Head to the FanForce screenings page and click on which screening you would like to attend. Under the poster click the BUY IT NOW button and you’ll be taken to the box office. Simply follow the steps! We’ll send you an email confirming your booking.

Do I get notified if a screening is confirmed?

You sure do! Once the tipping point is met for your screening, we’ll send you an email letting you know you with your tickets. You can also download your tickets from your FanForce account if you lose them or have a problem with your email.

When is my card charged?

Funds are collected when a booking is made. In the event of a screening not reaching it’s tipping point you will be automatically issued a full refund.

Can I buy a ticket to a screening which has reached its tipping point?

Yep! Once a screening has reached it tipping point you can buy a ticket at any time until it’s sold out!

I've lost my ticket!

No worries, You can download and print your tickets from the My Accounts page. Don’t forget to bring the prints (or a copy of them on your smartphone) to the screening. Or flick us an email with your first & last name and the email address you used to purchase and we can re-send those tickets to you!

How will I receive my ticket?

Once your screening is confirmed we’ll send you an email letting you know you can download your tickets from your FanForce account. Simply log into your account and head to the ‘My Tickets Tab’ to download. Remember to print out your ticket or save it to your phone and take it to the screening. If you can’t find your emailed ticket send us a message with your first & last name and the email address you used to purchase – we will re-send the tickets ASAP!!

What are declined payments? and Why does this happen?

When FanForce processes ticket orders there are times when the amount cannot be captured from the supporters credit/debit card. Once a declined payment occurs, FanForce will send you an email to remind you to return and fix the payment. Log back into FanForce and ‘resubmit’ payment details, the payment will be processed instantly and we’ll send you tickets.

Does FanForce allocate seats?

Nope! If you buy 1 ticket now then another 5 later that’s no problem. Seats are first in best dressed so make sure to get there in plenty of time.

at the cinema

What should I do when I arrive at the cinema?

Ask someone at the box office or an usher to direct you to the correct cinema. Your Host should be waiting at the cinema door to collect your ticket! Enjoy the show!

I'm hosting


What is a Host?

A Host is any person who organizes a FanForce Screening. As a host, its your job to make sure your screening happens. So share your screening with your social network and get your friends involved!

Who can Host a Screening?

Anyone! And its free!

Which days can I book my screening?

Most cinemas prefer Fan-Force bookings to happen in off-peak times – from Mondays to Thursdays. Some cinemas such as Event Cinemas prefer Mondays and Wednesdays. Occasionally other days can be organised but take longer to arrange and can result in higher ticket prices. If you want to get a fast approval on your booking to start promoting it asap, stick to a Monday or Wednesday. Feel free to ask us any questions about the day you want though via our Contact Page.

How much does it cost to host a screening?

Nada! Infact it’s the opposite. You can opt in to make 5% of all tickets sold after the tipping point.

How do I host a screening?

First things first, Sign Up! Then send us a screening request form, let us know your preferred cinema, date and time and we’ll get back to you in a couple of days to get things rolling.

What films can I screen?

You can hold a screening for any of the films in the FanForce library. If we don’t have what you are looking for, let us know via the contact us form and we’ll see what we can do!

How do I become a host?

Simply send us a screening request.

I'm a Host, what's in it for me?

If your screening is confirmed you’ll get a percentage of the takings! You can opt in and make 5% of all tickets sold after the tipping point when you request a screening!

How can I get people to my screening?

Share your screening with your social network (make sure you include a link to your FanForce screening page) or take advantage of our FanForce promotion packages, there’s one for every budget! To invite people to join your screening send them a link to your screening page.

What are the FanForce Promotion packages and how can I use them to get an audience?

FanForce has four specially designed packages to help you get bums on seats! For more information click on our Promotions FAQ.

What is a special event screening?

You can make your screening special by adding a Q&A session to your event or by asking attendees to get in costume! We’re regularly posting new and exciting ways of making your screening special on Facebook and Twitter so sign up and keep abreast of what is going on.

If my screening is unsuccessful, can I try again?

Yes. Maybe your screening was unsuccessful because of a bad timing or lack of promotion, we recommend alternating your marketing strategy maybe take advantage of our promotion packages?

Can charity and not for profit organisations use FanForce?

Yes, you can host your own screening with all Host proceeds going to your organisation or speak to us about our other fundraising options.

How long does it take FanForce to transfer funds into my account?

FanForce will deposit any monies into your account within 60 days. 

Can I share my screenings on my favourite social networking website?

Definitely! Give your screening the best chance of success sharing your screening information with as many people you know! After all It’s up to the host to promote and gain support from their network of friends, family, fans, etc. We provide share links for most major social networks direct from the screenings page.

Do I have to attend the screening I am hosting?

Yep! You need to be at the cinema at least 30 mins before your screening to check names and collect tickets from ticket buyers. You can print off a list of your screening attendees from your FanForce account page.

Do I have to buy a ticket to my screening?

Yes you do. But remember Hosts can opt in and receive 5% of all tickets sold after the tipping which should cover your ticket price and some.

Can I hold more than one screening at a time?

You can indeed. However Hosts are responsible for checking tickets at Screenings and making sure everything runs smoothly. You can host several screenings at once but you need to make sure someone else is responsible for the Screenings you’re not attending. You will need to send us their name and contact details incase anything goes wrong.

I want to make my screening private?

Want to hold an intimate screening for your friends or colleagues? Sure, just let us know when you submit your request form and we’ll make your event private.

Do I really need a Host Message?

Host videos are not essential but strongly recommended. Screenings with videos are more likely to get tickets! After all, why read when you can watch? If you’re a first time filmmaker this is a great opportunity to talk directly to your audience and share the message. Make your video fun and quirky to stand out from the crowd! Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and we’ll put it out there for the world to see!

How long does it take to create an Screening?

It takes us 2 – 7 days to establish a screening once you have submitted your screening request.

How far in advance are screenings booked?

Our recommendation is to book your screening 5 weeks out from the actual day. The deadline for screenings to reach their tipping point is 10 days before their screening

How are the tipping point established?

The tipping point is the minimum quantity of tickets that need to be sold in order for a screening to go ahead. This point is determined by all the costs required to host a screening which include Cinema hire, DCP duplications, KDM issue, VPFs, freight and management fees.

I'm a filmmaker


I'm a filmmaker

How can I add my film to the FanForce Library?

You sure can! Head to the Contact us form and let us know! We’ll ask you to send us a Synopsis, Movie Poster and Trailer and we’ll take it from there.

How do film rights work?

When you submit your film you only give FanForce the right to screen and promote your film. All other rights belong to the content owner.

Can I choose where and when my film is screened?

Sure thing, We understand you may want to block out some markets from seeing your film, just let us know!

Can I screen my film internationally?

Yes you can. Contact us for more info.

My film has not been classified, can I still upload this to the library?

You can but we will need to check it first to make sure it adhere’s to our overall terms and conditions. For film classification information head to the Australian Classification website.

What is a DCP?

A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is a collection of digital files used to store and convey Digital cinema (DC) audio, image, and data streams. The majority of our exhibitors prefer to program in DCP.

Do I need a DCP?

Some theatres can screen from a BluRay but the majority prefer DCP. If you need to create a DCP we can help you do this too.

I want to host a screening of my own film, can I do that?

You sure can and it’s encouraged!

How can I get people to a screening?

Promote. Promote. Promote. Do it yourself or let us help you with it. We have a great range of Promotional Packages designed specifically to help you do this. Find out more by checking out the Promotions FAQ.

Content fee

All content owners will receive a content fee. This fee is determined by your content agreement. Please see the agreement page for more information.

When are content owners paid?

After the screening date FanForce will deposit any monies into your account within 14 – 21 days.

What format should I supply my film?

If you don’t have a DCP send us a Digital File and a professionally mixed 5.1 soundtrack.

How long does an event have to meet threshold?

Any screening will have up to 30 days to reach the tipping point. After the tipping point is met tickets can be purchased right up until the screening date unless sold out prior.

How do contributions work?

At the box office, ticket purchasers have the opportunity to make a monetary contribution to a screening. Contributions can be for all sorts of things like a charitable donation or to help support the filmmakers. Contact us to set this up on your next screening.

I'm an exhibitor


I'm a theatre owner, how can I get involved?

Get in touch via the contact us form!

What are the benefits of a FanForce screening?

FanForce is easy to use, risk free and brings large groups of people together in the cinema – the way movies are best enjoyed! FanForce also expands the theatrical life of a film – as long as it is in the FanForce library fans anywhere can host screenings. Cinema owners who would like to fill quiet weekly schedules and broaden their offering can select from new and old titles. Online ticket purchase can also be expanded to include special deals from the Candy bar to maximize profits. Best of all FanForce offers new and exciting ways of promoting these screenings to audiences. Call us for information on how we can help build your audiences.

How many tickets need to be sold to meet the threshold?

This depends on the size of the theatre. In order for the screening to be worth your while we recommend filling the seats by 70%. Eg: 100 seat theatre = 70 seats need to be sold to cover costs

How are the ticket prices set?

FanForce ultimately set the ticket price to ensure all costs are covered and profits are maximised. Our ticket pricing is also based on very different consumer modelling – we’re all about engaged fans rather than traditional cinema audiences. Contact us if you’d like more info on this.

What happens if a Screening doesn’t reach the tipping point?

If the tipping point is not met 10 days prior to the screening date the screening is cancelled and we notify the cinema owner immediately. The theatre can resume its usual screening program. This period between tipping point and screening date is determined by the cinema. Most cinemas currently prefer a 7-10 day window.

As an exhibitor, can I promote FanForce films?

You sure can. Download our FanForce stickers and share FanForce screenings with your Database, your fans will love the variety of films!

How far in advance is the deadline to meet the tipping point?

This period between tipping point and screening date is determined by the cinema. Most cinemas currently prefer a 7-10 day window.

Does FanForce have the rights to screen all these films?

Yep! All our films have approval from the rights holders whether they are distributors or filmmakers.

How is the film and KDM delivered to the theater?

DCPs and KDMs are sent directly from our facility or via the distributor or their repository.

Can I advertise Candy Bar or merchandise in the FanForce Box Office?

You sure can! As cinema owners know the best time to sell is when ticket buyers already have their wallets open. Promote combo deals or special events on our Box Office Page so your patrons can buy ahead. Contact us if you’d like more info on this.

Promotion Packages



What are the FanForce Promotion packages and how can I use them to get an audience?

Below are a range of tools to help drive people to your FanForce screenings. They are all clearly aimed at engaging fans and converting them to ticket buyers. Choose the tools best suited to your screening or combine a number of them to ensure the world knows about your film screening.

Looking for more?

Please contact us for to chat about everything from Trailers, Posters, Film publicity and comprehensive Digital Campaigns for your film.


These tools come free with every screening hosted from the FanForce library. Combine with our tips for ‘Successful Promoting’ in our FAQ.

Perfect for: Small, single screenings.

  • Dedicated Film Page: Everything you need to know about your film in one place – Trailer, Synopsis, Cast, Crew, Quotes, Links, Gallery and special and social links. Who needs an expensive film website when this one is for free.
  • Event Page: Everyone you know is only a click away from buying a ticket. Every screening has it’s own unique webpage and can be posted directly to your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed or other social channels.
  • Personal Promo: Upload an optional video telling others why you are hosting this screening. Maybe it’s your own film, maybe you’re raising money for a charitable cause or maybe this film simply just HAS to be seen in the cinema. Research shows this greatly increases your screenings chances of success.
  • Analytics: See where your audience is coming from with our robust online analysis tools. Make informed decisions about how and where to chase fans to sell out your screening. COMING SOON
  • Curated Pages: Create your own online shrine to showcase your favourite films or follow our list of celebrity favourites. Invite your friends to follow, rate and debate. Before you know it you’ll be inviting them all to a screening. COMING SOON
  • Widget it: Don’t want your audience to leave your website or Facebook page? No problem as we home deliver. Embed all your screening details right into your site with our FanForce widget. COMING SOON

Cost: $0


3 simple but effective tools to help promote your single screening to the right people.

Perfect for: Large single screenings or 2-3 small screenings.

  • Newsletter: Landing your message into someone’s inbox is still one of the most effective ways of getting noticed. Send your own professionally designed, HTML based newsletter directly to your database of contacts to tell them why they should come to your special screening.
  • Facebook Advertising: Boost ticket sales to your screening by finding fans outside your immediate circles. Target the news feeds of specific fans in your local area with low cost Facebook advertising managed by our expert social media team.
  • Sticker Pack: Sticker over your film poster, bulletin board or car window with all your FanForce screening details. Our 10 pack of FanForce screening stickers mailed to your door tells everyone what they need to know about about your event. A QR code gives fans a quick and easy way to link directly to the screening page to buy a ticket via a smart phone.

Cost: $99


4 mid range solutions to help raise awareness of a series of screenings.

Perfect for: 3 – 5 screenings within a close timeframe and proximity.

  • Promotional Artwork – A series of personalised designs to get your screening noticed across social media. There is an initial ‘Event’ design, Event Countdowns and Social Media Channel artwork.
  • Trailer Reboot – Turn your film’s trailer into an online ad for your screening. All the dates and times of your screenings embedded into the trailer, uploaded to YouTube with links to directly to your Screening pages
  • FanForce Channels Promotion – FanForce will help to promote your campaign across our social channels. Get featured in our Monthly Newsletter, Blog and get blasted across our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channels.
  • FanForce HomePage Promotion – Get your screening up on the FanForce homepage so everyone that visits will see it.

 Cost: $995


3 advanced solutions to help raise awareness of a series of nationwide screenings.

Perfect for: campaigns of 6 – 10 screenings across multiple states.

  • Screening Promo – Create your own dynamic video promo to grab attention of your audience and turn them into ticket buyers. Choose from a range of 6 themed promos that combine a personalised message, arresting soundtrack and shots from your film into a cinematic advertisement bound to get your campaign noticed.
  • Pull Up Banner – Get the word out in the real world: a 2 metre high pull up banner to promote your screenings at functions and events. Take it with you on your national tour to build grass roots awareness.
  • Screening Postcards – 100 postcards to hand out and drive ticket sales. All your screenings are listed with QR codes for smart phones to link directly to online purchase points
  • Campaign BluePrint – A thorough step by step blueprint to help you build your campaign, recruit ambassadors and ultimately convert your screenings into successful confirmed screenings that fans will remember.
  • Consultancy – A 1 hour consultancy with one of our Film Marketing Specialists to help you plan your campaign, engage your fans and ultimately turn your film screenings into a success.

 Cost: $2,500

Can't find what you're looking for? No problem. Email us here >