A Second Chance: Rivals!

Country Girls vs. City Girls.


Dur:89 mins


Dir:Clay Glen

Prod: Clay Glen


Gymnastics star Maddy Cornell (Emily Morris) plans a change when she doesn’t qualify for the Australian Gymnastics Olympic team.

She hopes to rediscover her passion for gymnastics by coaching a new team of young gymnasts from a local country club, including high-spirited squad leader Tess (Stella Shute).

As Maddy focuses on taking the team to the State Championships, she soon learns that the coach of a rival city team is none other than her old frenemy from her competition training days, Becky (Elysia Markou).

Can Maddy, Tess and the team overcome the challenges ahead on the way to the finals? It’s a country girls versus city girls showdown, as the team go to the mat in A SECOND CHANCE: RIVALS!


Emily Morris, Stella Shute, Nina Pearce, Adam Tuominen

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