All That We Are

“When 30 untrained volunteers co-create an aerial spectacular, fear of heights is not the only challenge they overcome.”


Dur:52 min


Dir:Rory Brennan

Prod:Julia Landrey



‘All That We Are’ is a story about a local community coming together to create a spectacular aerial performance for the Penrith Real Festival. Through the eyes of the artistic directors and 30 volunteers, the film takes the audience on a journey of a diverse group of individuals, without any performing experience, as they come together to overcome their fears and doubts in a jaw-dropping aerial performance. Harnessed and craned 30 meters into the sky over the Nepean River, the experience changes each performer as they learn to work together, help each other, and overcome their individual struggles and those of the community.

The film explores the beginning of a personal journey for many of the volunteers, as they discover their creativity and identity through this incredible experience. With the artistic directors’ vision of providing art to a community of beginners without the restriction of years of professional training, All That We Are highlights the power of community and the impact of art in shaping lives. The performers come from all backgrounds, including immigrant communities, individuals with physical challenges, and different abilities, and leave as a united group, having shared an unforgettable experience.


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