“a visually exquisite debut”



Dur:80 min


Dir:Rhiannon Bannenberg


India travels back to her childhood home ‘Ambrosia’ to spend time with her brother, boyfriend and long time childhood friend. It’s a place of comfort and memories that she hopes will calm her anxious mind and ease the pain from a traumatic childhood accident. But it is through the tranquil surrounds of Ambrosia a new face appears. And she calls herself Harry.

India and Harry form a curious bond, a friendship that grows at dawn by the ocean. Amidst her feelings of isolation and anxiety, Harry offers her comfort.

However when Harry makes an unannounced appearance at Ambrosia, India’s friends sweep her up with open arms and she is forced to share her new friend . Before long Harry has become part of their endless summer of make believes.

But Harry is not all she seems. It is in the guise of friendship she begins to test allegiances and unravel bonds.  As the holiday draws to a close Harry forces the group to confront the tragedies of the past. In the midst of celebration and masquerade the secrets of the group’s intertwined stories are revealed in a way that will change them all forever.


Rebecca Montalti, Natasha Velkova, Scott Lee, Debbie Neilson


Rhiannon Bannenberg, Steve Jaggi


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