American Pie



Type:Comedy, Romance

Dur:95 mins


Dir: Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz



You’ll never look at warm apple pie the same way again! American Pie takes a hysterical look at the goal of four “unlucky in love” high school friends who make the ultimate pact: lose their virginity by prom night. As they try to manipulate their way into the… hearts of some of their classmates, their plans often backfire with hilarity. One fails to score with the sexy foreign exchange student and then makes a last ditch effort with a band member who has an interesting way with her flute, while another is so desperate he actually hires someone to give him a “reputation.” Follow the raging hormones of four teenage boys and their girls as they gear up for the most important night of their lives… the prom? Sit back and enjoy a piece of America’s #1 comedy hit!


Jason Biggs ; Chris Klein ; Thomas Ian Nicholas ; Alyson Hannigan ; Shannon Elizabeth ; Tara Reid ; Eddie Kaye Thomas ; Seann William Scott ; Eugene Levy; Natasha Lyonne; Mena Suvari; Jennifer Coolidge ; Chris Owen ; Eric Lively;


Chris Weitz (Producer); Chris Moore(Producer); Craig Perry(Producer); Warren Zide (Producer); Adam Herz (Screenplay) ; David Lawrence (Music) ; Priscilla Nedd-Friendly (Film Editing);

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