Au hasard balthazar

“Perhaps the greatest and most revolutionary of Bresson’s films”

Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

Type:Drama, French

Dur:95 min


Dir:Robert Bresson



This thoughtful and unique French film reveals the surprisingly deep connection between Marie (Anne Wiazemsky), a sensitive farm girl, and her cherished donkey, Balthazar. Though Marie and Balthazar are eventually separated when she gets older, the tale follows both the young woman and the donkey as they contend with the hardships of the world. Although Marie and Balthazar often encounter cruelty from the various people they meet, they also find small moments of beauty.




Anne Wiazemsky, François Lafarge, Philippe Asselin, Nathalie Joyaut, Walter Green, Jean-Claude Guilbert, Pierre Klossowski, François Sullerot, Marie-Claire Fremont, Jean Rémignard, Balthazar the Donkey


Robert Bresson, Mag Bodard, Ghislain Cloquet

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