Being With Animals

Is it possible to talk to animals?


Dur:91 mins


Dir:Salome Pitschen



Is animal communication possible? The filmmaker Salome Pitschen explores the world of communication between animals and humans in an attempt to answer this question. She wants to understand her excited dog Bina. On an international journey that leads her from Switzerland to England and to the USA, she discovers what it means to communicate with animals. Along the way she meets two horse teachers, an animal communicator, a biologist, an animal therapist and the founder of “The Trust Technique”. Getting familiar with animal connection, Salome learns astonishing things about animal communication in its many forms whether it’s with her dog Bina, horses, cats, dolphins, or a goat.


Maia Kincaid, James French, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Monika Obi, Fredy Knie jun., Maycol Errani, Bina, Indo, Delight, Chanella, Reba, Millie, Bobie, Shiva and other animals


Director: Salome Pitschen



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