Bloodshot Heart

follow your heart to the depths


Type:Drama, Psychological Thriller



Dir:Parish Malfitano

Prod:Martin Thorne, Richard James Allen, Parish Malfitano


Bloodshot Heart is a journey into obsession, memory and delusion. In a world where the difference between reality and fantasy can be hard to discern, Hans, a middle-aged driving instructor, attempts to shake off the manipulative grasp of his Italian mother and pursue a younger woman, Matilda, a musician renting a room in their apartment. As jealousy and infatuation spill over into psychosis, Hans hatches a violent plan to win the heart of Matilda and free himself from his mother’s clutches forever.

Available for screenings from July 2021.

Screening at Ritz Cinemas Randwick Sydney from 10th June 2021

Screening at Lido Cinemas Melbourne from 10th June 2021


Richard James Allen, Dina Ponozzo, Emily David


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