Bone To Pick

A story of one pet owner’s journey to save his best mate



Dir:Jo-Anne Brechin


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Like ‘Super Size Me’ and ‘That Sugar Film’, BONE TO PICK challenges a multibillion dollar industry built on providing low cost and harmful foods to pets for profit.

The film follows Drew Harrisberg and his beloved rescue dog, Dennis as they embark on a quest to cure Dennis’s chronic poor health. Drew switches Dennis from processed pet food to a 60-day diet of raw meat and bones whilst he is monitored by 3 animal experts to track his progress.

Dennis’s dramatic recovery surprises everyone and spurs Drew on to investigate the pet food industry that made Dennis so sick. Together they attempt to end the epidemic of ill-health and suffering of pets all over the world.

This film will forever change the way you think about what you feed your pet.

Bone To Pick is currently in production. Taking screenings from May 2020.


Drew Harrisberg, Dennis


Director: Jo-Anne Brechin, Producer: Danny Lachevre

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