Call Me Dad

“This film has the capacity to be a genuine pathbreaker…”

Mary Crooks, Victorian Women’s Trust


Dur:80 min


Dir:Sophie Wiesner



Call Me Dad is a story about men who have perpetrated, or are at risk of perpetrating, family violence. At stake is the safety of children and partners, the stability of families, and the power we as a society have to intervene. These men struggle to maintain intimate relationships without resorting to abuse, physical or otherwise. We follow these men over their journey through a Men’s Behaviour Change Program as they attempt to take responsibility for their violence, change themselves – and perhaps heal fragile bonds with their loved ones.




Sophie Wiesner, Madeleine Hetherton, Rebecca Barry

fan quotes:

"This is a powerful film that tackles the issue of domestic violence through the lens of a men's behavioural change program" - Rebecca Barry

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