Can't Stop The Music




Dir:Nancy Walker


It’s New York, it’s 1980 and the infectious sound of Disco fever is spreading across the city. But while the hip shaking NYC party crowd roller skate from one glitter ball to the next, Saddle Tramps DJ and songwriter Jack Morall is struggling to get his work noticed. Maybe his flatmate, the super sexy supermodel Samantha, can help.

She’s got connections in the music business and a group of friends in Greenwich Village who know how to put on one hell of show.

There’s Dave the construction worker, Alex the G.I, Glenn the leather biker, Randy the cowboy, Felipe the native American and Ray the singing policeman, and they’re gonna make sure you can’t stop the music.
From the makers of GREASE and featuring music and performances from The Village People, CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC is a light hearted, entertaining, camp, comedy cult classic that defines the disco era. – See more at:


Bruce Jenner, Alex Briley


Henry Belolo

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