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Dir:Donna McRae and Michael Vale



This documentary explores Cobby’s Hobbies, a 1960’s childrens TV program featuring Cobby, a chimpanzee which becomes the catalyst for the film.

We meet people that made the show, zoo friends, zoo keepers and animal rights activists that piece together a story of an animal that was stolen from his natural habitat to work on TV before being retired into the San Francisco zoo at age 7. Cobby had it lucky – most chimps in entertainment suffered horrifically, becoming research animals or caged in roadside zoos. This documentary examines how we perceive animals in entertainment and how we address their plight now.



Producer: Donna McRae, Co-directors: Donna McRae and Michael Vale, Camera: Michael Vale, Editor: Uri Mizrahi

fan quotes:

"Donna's movie is spectacular. I am actually going to visit Cobby."
-Poonum Chaturvedi, Cobby FB page.
"An engrossing movie with some truly surprising twists and turns" -Cinemagoer 03/04
"Thought provoking, entertaining, yet confronting, drawing both emotions of happiness and sadness" - Cinemagoer 03/04

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