Conquering Cancer

Making History By Eliminating Cervical Cancer Everywhere.





Dir:Mike Hill

Prod:Mike Hill, Sue Collins


Can you imagine a world without cancer? For the first time in human history, the elimination of a cancer – cervical cancer – is possible. An action of this scale has the power to shape history: a movement so forceful it is referred to as a ‘moonshot’. When NASA sent man to the moon we were presented with a literal moonshot, but Conquering Cancer is not a journey to the moon, it’s a journey to the future.

Conquering Cancer is a definitive feature documentary with a soaring ambition: to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer for every women and girl. It is a passionate appeal from experts,  activists and survivors. A vivid, poetic and searing plea for action. Travelling from Australia to Malaysia; Zambia to the USA; Colombia to Switzerland, Conquering Cancer declares a deep divide. Just as we are buoyed by the innovations paving the way to global elimination, we are confronted with the health and economic grip cervical cancer is having on the world’s poorest women.

Available to book now, for cinema screenings held from Daffodil Day! August 28th 2021. Dates for Virtual Screenings TBC.

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