Type:Social Justice/Drama

Dur:28 min


Dir:Sarah Jayne



Daughter explores the way women are viewed in society by following three female characters on a Friday night out in St Kilda. Each woman varies in age, culture, wealth, education and social status, but on this fateful night, the women’s lives will become entwined and affected by an act of violence.

Daughter is a short film and an awareness project produced by Nexus Production Group and supported by the City Of Port Phillip though the Cultural Development Fund, the St Kilda Town Hall Subsidy Scheme and local businesses who donated venues and catered for the cast and crew. Daughter is loosely based on and inspired by the tragic murders of Jill Meagher in Brunswick and St Kilda’s own Tracy Connelly, whose occupation as a sex worker was highlighted in the media, leading to her murder and personal story being sadly overshadowed.

Daughter was written and produced as an educational film and can be used a learning tool by education facilities, local community groups and various organisations to start a discussion on gendered violence and the repercussions of victim blaming in our society and communities. Daughter screenings in Victoria can be accompanied by a Q&A with Sarah Jayne, supporting materials and special guests on request.


Katherine Langford, Aisha Tara, Caroline Rey


Writer & Director: Sarah Jayne, Producers: Ivan Malekin, Dinushi Dias, Cinematographer: Stephen Ramplin

fan quotes:

"Sarah Jayne ran a screening of her short film and awareness project Daughter to a large group of Advanced Diploma of Justice students at Holmesglen.
Daughter, complemented the students' learning around victim blaming and gendered crime within their various criminal justice units. Students and teachers alike found the film to be thought provoking and a good platform to begin a discussion about challenging stereotypes and changing attitudes towards violence within our community.
Well done to Sarah Jayne for producing a very important and topical film. Challenging stereotypes and victim blaming is a conversation that we need to be having in our communities."
Tamara Cousins - Course Coordinator,
Advanced Diploma of Justice, Holmesglen TAFE, Waverley Campus

current screenings

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