death at a funeral

“Dead funny”

total film


Dur:90 min


Dir:Frank Oz


A dignified send-off for a loved one erupts into uproarious chaos when a myriad of outrageous calamities befall the eccentric grief stricken mourners. The death of Daniel (Matthew Macfadyen) and Robert’s (Rupert Graves) father brings their entire dysfunctional family together to mourn his passing. When a man shows up at the funeral threatening to reveal the deceased man’s shocking secret unless he gets some cash, the two brothers are forced to figure out a way to deal with the blackmailer. As they pull out every stop to try and prevent any news from spreading to the guests, the ceremony turns into complete chaos.


Matthew Macfadyen, Rupert Graves


Frank Oz, Philip Elway, Andreas Grosch, William Horberg, Josh Kesselman, Sidney Kimmel, Alex Lewis, Laurence Malkin, Diana Phillips, Share Stallings, Bruce Toll, Bruce Webb, Dean Craig

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