Dig Deeper

“into the art of unfinished business”


Dur:53 min


Dir:Mark Street

Prod:Fiona Cochrane



Dig Deeper into the lives of four Aboriginal artists.

Four divergent Indigenous artists use their personal stories and historical injustice as a driving force to break through and create internationally recognised urban art. To provoke or to regenerate? These artists are digging deeper into their art to uncover unfinished business.

Featuring the works of Blak Douglas, Maree Clarke, Penny Evans and Ben McKeown, Dig Deeper poses some confronting and challenging questions; how do you talk about the things that have happened to you and from your history; are you angry; does it stir passion and emotion in your work?

All four artists, critically renowned and celebrated for their ground-breaking work, channel their creativity to express their messages. Blak Douglas is about to win the Archibald Prize. His work draws you in with its vibrant colours and design but when you come closer, the blak fist comes out of the canvas and ‘smacks you in the face’. Maree Clarke is working on the biggest urban art installation in Australia, the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project; Penny Evans has her major work opening at the National Gallery of Australia; and Ben McKeown attempts a comeback after a heart attack at the $25,000 Selzer prize.

These artists are seriously breaking ground in finding powerful ways to tell their stories, but we can always dig deeper into the art of unfinished business. 




Blak Douglas, Maree Clarke, Penny Evans and Ben McKeown


Blak Douglas, Maree Clarke, Penny Evans and Ben McKeown

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