Do It Ourselves Culture

“What is this doof, doof, doof all night long?, this is not music”

Disgruntled Neighbour


Dur:115 min


Dir:Peter Strong



Activism, music, art and community motivation merge from time to time to present moments of absolute social cohesion and this can change the world. From the fervid mind of one of Sydney’s most prolific activist/artists, Peter Strong, Do it Ourselves Culture is a documentary film project that charts Sydney’s colourful protest and party scene, from its embryonic beginnings in the early 90s right up to the present.

An exposition of alternative culture, this project is a riotous recollection of how it went down; from the doof scene and the explosion of electronic music – a pulse for the whole movement – to the advent of the internet, Reclaim the Streets, and our current political disenfranchisement, which is increasingly encouraging people to protest – it is all featured. The charting of this incredible movement – political rallies, dreadlocked ferals trailing fun-fur tails, punks on a picnic, merry prankster outback tours and the mighty sound-system crews – is a vital piece of Sydney’s social puzzle in it’s wild inner west.

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