Don't Tell


Dur:93 min


Dir:Tori Garrett



Don’t Tell is the story of a young woman who fought back after enduring sexual abuse at a prestigious private school. With a dogged and determined local lawyer by her side, Lyndal took on the powerful church that denied her abuse for over a decade. Based on true events that changed Australian child protection laws, it is a poignant story about finding the courage to stand up, speak out and fight against injustice.


Aden Young, Jaqueline McKenzie, Gyton Grantley, Susie Porter, Martin Sacks, Robert Taylor, Robert Coleby, Sara West, Kim Knuckey, Peter Hollingworth, with Jack Thompson and Rachel Griffiths


Director: Tori Garrett, Writers: Anne Brooksbank Ursula Cleary James Greville, Producer: Scott Corfield

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