Dur:96 min


Dir:Sophie Mathisen



It’s been over a year since she split with John, but life for Anna seems to only be getting harder. She isn’t landing auditions and the pressure from family to make it work or call it quits is ever increasing. Dreading a future as uncertain as the present, Anna escapes London to Paris and the home of her best friend from her halcyon days, Jean.
Life for Jean in Paris seems stable. He’s given up acting for a pay check and is settling down with his much older and very French partner, Philippe. Anna’s timing isn’t great however; Philippe’s mother is dying and it’s taking its toll on them both. Thankful for the easy excuse, Jean devotes his time and attention to Anna who herself is devoted to another task entirely.


Sophie Mathisen, Nicole Da Silva, Tom Wren, Fran├žois Vincentelli, Jonathan Burteaux


Cameron Ford, Liesl Pieterse, Julie Ann DeRuvo, Blitzberg


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