Dir:Daizy Gedeon

Prod:Daizy Gedeon, Patrick Rohr, Ronny Jon Paul Mouawad


The eyes of the world were forced to turn their gaze upon Lebanon, not only because of the Beirut Port explosion that  devastated this ancient city on 4th August 2020, but also because it stands as an allegory for kleptocratic regimes that have  seen a resurgence across the globe. 

The film puts a spotlight on the ruling class and the manifold issues facing the country, especially the systemic corruption, through exclusive and controversial interviews with many of the key political leaders and blows the lid on the under-the table, pie-sharing deals that have permitted many of these leaders and cronies to remain in power for decades. 

The film addresses the 2019 people’s revolution and the global social justice movement that was triggered among the  Lebanese diaspora around the world who rallied to support their families back home. It provides a powerful insight into the  complex traditional and emotional loyalties that still threaten the chance for change and evolution. 

Shot over 4 years and across 4 continents, the film is beautifully filmed by award-winning Director of Photography, Justin  Hanrahan ACS, and creatively edited by Academay Award nominee, Marcus D’Arcy ASE. The musical score, composed by  international pianist and composer, Georges Tomb, and performed by the 83-piece Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, powerfully compliments the emotionally provocative journey told by award-winning journalist and director Daizy Gedeon.

Message from the Director Daizy Gedeon 
Thanks for your understanding, patience, and belief in the role of this film to really help activate the Lebanese diaspora to vote in next year’s elections and end the misery and suffering of the Lebanese people at the hands of the worst mobsters the world has ever seen. Even the Italian mafia didn’t reach the heights of corruption and bloodshed that Lebanon has witnessed over the past 4 decades.
Not only does the Lebanese political and business mafia brutally murder anyone who tries to stand in their way, but they have literally looted the country of hundreds of billions of dollars, stolen the people’s savings from their bank accounts and left them destitute, begging for their lives. They have failed to provide the most basic of services including electricity, water, safe roads, reliable telecommunications, education and proper health systems, instead pocketing the taxes and revenue generated by the state including AID provided by foreign governments and donors.
The people have been left totally dependent on handouts from relatives in the diaspora who are sick and tired of bailing out the country and their relatives. More than 160,000 people have left the country in the last year.
THE TIME FOR CHANGE HAS COME and this film provides the missing link that has stopped the diaspora from understanding just how abhorrent these mobsters are. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

This is not a Movie. It is a Movement – and your part in helping expose and end the injustice being perpetrated against the Lebanese is absolutely critical and humbly appreciated.



JUSTIN HANRAHAN ACS – Director of Photography, MARCUS D’ARCY ASE – Editor, GEORGES TOMB – Concert Pianist & Composer



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