Facing Fear

I started my journey choked with fear. Now I’m no longer afraid.




Dir:Bill Bennett



Facing Fear is a film that details one man’s global search to find ways to handle his fear, after he received some devastating news. Bill Bennett sought out some of the world’s leading experts in fear management. He wanted to understand how fear worked, and how to best manage it.

Featuring such luminaries as Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Paul Selig, Lee Carroll (Kryon), James Van Praagh, Foster Gamble, Sister Jenna and Judith Richards, the resulting film is a unique perspective that examines fear scientifically and spiritually.

But it’s also a deeply personal film too. As Bill Bennett says: “I started my journey choked with fear. Now I’m no longer afraid.”

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Dr Joe Dispenza, Caroline Myss, Dr Bruce Lipton, Lee Carroll (Kryon), James Van Praagh, Paul Selig, Sister Jenna, Michael Sandler, Natalie Ledwell, Michael Tamura, Judith Richards, Dr Linda Bender, Reverend Zoe Inman, Dr Matt McKay, Dr Milly Diericx, Diana Lang, Dr Rita Louise, Dr Anita Sanchez, Tanya Edwards, Barney Morris, Dean Sluyter, Foster Gamble, Kimberly Carter Gamble, Peter Smith, Dr Dean Radin, Dr Richard Schwartz, Dr Lissa Rankin


Producer: Bill Bennett , Jennifer Cluff


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