Feeling Lucky

Type:Comedy Thriller

Dur:90 min


Dir:Devesh Pratap Singh



Seven days earlier in a bikini pageant three best friends Nick, Josh and Harry were reflecting on their present lives. Their lives take a “U turn” when Nick gets a call from Fiji, its their fourth best friend Raj. To their surprise Raj who is a compulsive worrier and lives in constant fear of his overly strict father, does the unthinkable – invites the trio to an all paid epic weekend in Fiji.

NICK, a married supervisor, who is bored to death with no spark in his life gets all excited and so does HARRY, a overconfident shop attendant with a quest to have a good time and do it now is on the top of his list and JOSH a super-charged loud mouth with serious lack of any social etiquette, specializes speaking the wrong thing at the wrong time and definitely under wrong circumstances.

Fast-forward – when the three friends hit the beautiful Fiji Islands, some serious “luck breaks loose” when they discover what JACK (Raj’s father) is up to and who befriends them.

An out-an-out thrilling comedy extensively filmed in beautiful locations of Fiji Islands and New Zealand.


Amit Sharma, Jagdish Punja, Ahad Ghazali, Bobby Sohal, Anand Naidu, Rishi Deepak, Rupinder Virk, Lucy Russell


Producer: Dr Rachel Singh,


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