[A] slyly funny, convincingly twisty exercise in narrative acrobatics and Tarantino-esque pop culture riffing.”


Type:Crime Thriller

Dur:99 mins


Dir:Travis Bain


A young couple in tropical Australia is trapped in their beach house by three fugitives carrying a mysterious icebox containing unknown contents, and they must rely on their wits and cunning to survive as a severe tropical cyclone looms.


Rob Stanfield, Kristen Condon, Vernon Wells, Tony Bonner, Daryl Heath, Andy Bramble, Bailey Stevenson, Shawn Brack, Anthony Ring, Dell Beckman.


Shawn Brack, Maree Gray, Greta Evangelista, Samantha van der Sluis, Nick De Gabriele, Peter Bowdidge, Lior Cohen, Curtis Lambert, Jessica Roelofs, Lachlan Gordon, Lana Jayne Wilson, Kristian Lupinski.

fan quotes:

“We live less than ten minutes from where this thriller was filmed and thought we ought to see this movie at a local theatre as the director, Travis Bain was present and was available for a Q & A session at end of movie. Having gone in with 'not high' expectations, we were well entertained by an imaginative and entertaining script and cast of mostly 'newbies' alongside veteran Aussie actor Tony Bonner. The plot twists were not obvious either but really added immensely to the movie. Looking forward to future movies from this talented local director. Highly recommended.”


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