Luku Ngarra-The Law of the Land

“Rev Dr D Gondarra’s urgent message for all Australians.”


Dur:93 min


Dir:Sinem Saban



An extraordinary story of one Yolŋu man’s 45 year life journey fighting for the political and spiritual freedom of his people. Unflinching in his delivery, yet soft in his humanity – Rev Dr D Gondarra has a confronting and urgent message for Australians and the world as he illuminates the long standing paradigm that controls us all. 

By opening big questions that require a humanitarian response, audiences will be compelled to question their own world and the views and structures that come with it.The film is a timely vehicle of wisdom from one of Australia’s most respected Indigenous Elders, that addresses the challenges of our times with soul and compassion.

Its’ director, Sinem Saban has been closely interwoven with the Yolŋu of Northeast Arnhem Land for more than 20 years, and directed the award-winning and groundbreaking documentary on Indigenous rights – Our Generation (2010).



Rev Dr D Gondarra


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