Meet The Wallers

“A remarkable meditation on art, mortality, philanthropy and happiness.”


Dur:93 min


Dir:Jim Stevens

Prod:Gil Scrine, Jim Stevens, Lav Bodnaruk, Judith Ehrlich, Trish Lake, Michael Mier



A unique documentary that follows artist Mark Waller and his family over 20 years. When Mark is diagnosed with a deadly Melanoma the fault lines in the Waller family erupt with surprising results.

Mark Waller loves to paint the seascapes around beautiful Lennox Head. He is a dreamer who sees angels in the street. His obsessive belief that charity begins at home doesn’t jibe with his vivacious wife Nicole who wishes she were the charity. But Mark, the painter often can’t see what’s in front of him. Their daughters, Jasmine and Emily – babies at the outset and graduates by the end of our story – negotiate their parents’ issues while juggling their own sibling rivalries. A true story about commitment; commitment to marriage, to your art, to your truth, and to making a film spanning two decades.




Mark Waller, Nicole Waller, Emily Waller, Jasmine Waller


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