My Fight

“When you break your wings, remember you have claws”



Dur:60 min


Dir:Bebi Zekirovski

Prod:Bebi Zekirovski



“My Fight” is a documentary about the journey and the battle of a young man fighting one of the most dangerous drugs in the world today and his hard path to recovery.

Feeling like he belonged nowhere and being bullied at school made Mitch move to the path of taking drugs. After reaching rock bottom where he tried to commit suicide and kill his step mum with a meat clever he ends up in a mental health institution and winds up in rehab. After coming out from rehab he joins a boxing gym which made him feel like he finally belonged somewhere and started his path to recovery.

This documentary includes heart breaking interviews with Mitch, his father, the boxing coach and CEO of the rehab institution.




Mitch Bath


Mitch Bath


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