Noma: My Perfect Storm

“A revealing portrait of an artist wholly dedicated to his art”

The Seattle Times


Dur:100 min


Dir:Pierre Deschamps



With automatic access to genius, René Redzepi plays with wilderness and interprets a forgotten edible world into a language we all understand.

A modern ugly duckling, bullied by his peers, Redzepi found his home in the no man’s land and transformed into swan.

Noma, My Perfect Storm is a creative journey into the mind of René Redzepi.

How did he manage to revolutionise the entire world of gastronomy, inventing the alphabet and vocabulary that would infuse newfound pedigree to Nordic cuisine and establish a new edible world while radically changing the image of the modern chef? His story has the feel of a classic fairy tale: the ugly duckling transformed into a majestic swan, who now reigns over the realm of modern gourmet cuisine. But beneath the polished surface, cracks appear in the form of old wounds. 2013 stands as the worst year in René Redzepi’s career.

We follow him as he fights his way back to the top, reinventing NOMA and reclaiming the title of best restaurant in the world in 2014 for the fourth time.

** FanForce screenings available from the 9th of February 2016 **


René Redzepi, Hanne Redzepi, Ali Rami Redzepi, Claus Meyer, Ferran Adrià


Pierre Deschamps, Etta Thompson Deschamps

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