Out Of My Head

… heartfelt documentary shedding much-needed light on a too often misunderstood condition. -Hollywood Reporter


Dur:77 mins


Dir:Susanna Styron

Rating:PG (UK)


There are few things more frightening than having a child who is sick, who you don’t know how to help and whose illness you don’t understand. That’s what Susanna Styron experienced when her daughter Emma’s spells of blindness and vomiting began at the age of fourteen. Emma’s eventual migraine diagnosis, rather than putting an end to the mystery and confusion, was just the beginning, as mother and daughter embarked on a years-long journey to discover the truth about living with migraine.





Emma Larson, Joan Didion, Dr. David Dodick, Dr. Elizabeth Loder, Sheila Lineberry, Isiah Lineberry, Mercy Lineberry, Billie Jernigan, David Jernigan, Morgan Jernigan, Dr. Rami Burstein, Dr. Allan Purdy, Dr. Richard Lipton, Dr. Alyssa Lebel, Melina Triantos, Melissa Preston Bulyko, Dr. David Borsook, Dr. Andrew Charles, Joanna Kempner, PhD Siri Hustvedt, Dr. Robert Shapiro, Keith McQuirter, Dr. Peter Goadsby, Andrew Levy, Paul Auster, Laura Simons, PhD Dr. Klaus Podoll, Shiamak Davar, Joe Drury, Lisa Sokolov, Lori Lazdowski, RN Susan Beaird, DNP Honorable John Lewis


Writer/Director: Susanna Styron ;Producer: Jacki Ochs; Editor: Francisco Bello; Composer: Wendy Blackstone; Animator: Maya Edelman; Principal Cinematography: Edwin Martinez, Stephen McCarthy, Stefan Thissen, Phillip Van

fan quotes:

"Pain’s a very distributed system. It’s not localized to one spot that you could zap if you needed to; or give one medication that would, like a heat-seeking missile, go to that area and turn it off."
-Dr. Alyssa Lebel, Director, Chronic Headache Program, Boston Children’s Hospital

"The emotional component of pain cannot really be separated from pain intensity,because it’s all part of how our brain circuit puts things together."
– Dr. David Borsook, Director, Center for Pain and the Brain, Mass. General Hospital

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