Special School Screenings


Type:Short stories

Dur:90 mins


Dir:Beyond Empathy


Special School Screenings

In celebration of Child Protection week, you can bring a special screening of Protection to your school. Along with your in-school screening, you can tune in to a special Q&A with all the stars of Protection! To find out more or book a screening please contact


Made collaboratively with children from public housing areas in the Illawarra. Protection uses a unique blend of film and animation to tell stories about childhood. It is inspired by the lives and experiences of the film’s adventurous and often hilarious young cast.

There’s a re-telling of Goldilocks – featuring a display home and a big, bad real estate agent. There’s witches, parties and billy cart derbies, and a lovely wedding to an imaginary prince. And there are also stories of bullying and racism, death and grief and facing up to your fears and mistakes.

These are stories told by kids from their perspective making Protection a celebration of childhood and a tribute to the resilience of children.

The company behind this project is Beyond Empathy – a not-for-profit organisation with the catch cry: “We love art and we hate disadvantage!”



A bunch of talented kids from public housing areas in the Illawarra NSW


The cast with the help of the Beyond Empathy Team

fan quotes:

"It was such a joy to watch this film. Authentic, poetic, sweet and brave. I loved every second.” - Megan Spencer - Film Critic (SBS The Movie Show, JJJ Radio)

"Protection is so real, it grabs your heart within the first few frames, and never lets it go...” - Steve Biddulph, Author

"a stylish self-portrait of resilient kids from their own perspective, responding to the challenges around them.” - Andrew Bunney, Film Critic (Let's Go to the Pictures, 3D Radio, Adelaide)

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