Raw The Documentary

“Redefine What You Think Is Possible”


Dur:76 min


Dir:Jon-Michael Mooney

Prod:Johnny Florio



The incredible story of a couple in their 60’s who broke and set records by running 366 consecutive marathons around Australia on a raw food diet.

Janette and Alan overcame intense heat, a cyclone, bushfires and injuries to achieve this amazing feat. Prior to embarking on this journey Janette had been diagnosed with cancer and given only 6 months to live. Committed to being there for her grandchildren she began a natural process to healing. 13 years later Janette and Alan achieved what few people believed to be possible.

The couple are a true demonstration of the power of human spirit, conscious lifestyle choices and what is possible on a raw plant-based diet.


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Alan Murray, Janette Murray-Wakelin


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