Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey

“A ‘cine-ramic’ roller-coaster ride through the rise, fall and re-birth of projected film.”


Dur:117 min


Dir:Rob Murphy

Prod:Rob Murphy, Ros Walker, Joanne Donahoe-Beckwith



A love letter to film; told through the eyes of documentarian and projectionist, Rob (Bert) Murphy. A decade ago when film projectors were being ripped out of cinemas and replaced by digital counterparts it was pretty clear that film was facing its death knell. Like many others Rob felt digital was a poor substitute so (without knowing exactly what he was starting) he picked up a camera and began recording what he thought was the end of an era. The resulting ten year adventure has now crossed three continents and explored every facet of film preservation through the secret world of the projectionist underground. We discover how the digital revolution has not just changed the way we see movies, but is becoming a very real threat to how we will remember them.




Douglas Trumbull, Leonard Maltin, David Strohmaier


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