“an enthralling tale told well”


Dur:62 min


Dir:Serge Ou



STRANDED is the story of Brisbane and a group of four suburban boys who would unwittingly play a part in changing the world’s musical landscape forever – The Saints.
Almost simultaneously and independently of each other, the Ramones were
thrashing away in New York, the Sex Pistols were enraging the establishment in London and in of all places, Brisbane, one band was rewriting the music rulebook.
Governed by an ultra conservative Premier – Joh Bjelke-Petersen – and with a
population that had no desire for change, Queensland was the perfect breeding
ground for a musical and cultural revolution.
This engaging, surprising and fast paced documentary features a stunning array of archival material, amazing music and interviews with international punk doyens Bob Geldof, Steve Diggle, Jello Biafra, along with a great mix of local’s who were there!


Jello Biafra, Jet Black, Kym Bradshaw, Marty Burke, Jean-Jacques Burnel, Mark Callaghan, Dave Darling, Steve Diggle, Michael Finucan, Bob Geldof, Mick Harvey, Ivor Hay, Anne Jones, Ed Kuepper, Irena Luckus, Peter McGrath, Bruce Milne, Lindy Morrison, Pauline Murray, Nigel Powell, James Tidswell, Clinton Walker, John Willsteed, Ed Wreckage,


Field Director & Interviews ANDY NEHL, Producer VERONICA FURY, Co-Producer, MURRAY POWER, BIRD CAN SING

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