the bank

“An appropriate fable for our times”




Type:Drama, Thriller

Dur:104 min


Dir:Robert Connolly


Power. Corruption, Revenge. With a stellar local cast including David Wenham, Sibylla Budd and Anthony LaPaglia THE BANK is a corporate thriller in which the good guys lose and the rich guys just get richer. Centabank CEO Simon O’Reilly (LaPaglia) declares that he is “like God, but with a better suit”, and he is as ruthless as he is successful. But when a maverick mathematician, Jim Doyle (Wenham), joins O’Reilly’s fold with a formula for predicting the fluctuations of the stock market, he must prove to his avaricious mentor that he follows the “greed is good” philosophy.


David Wenham, Anthony LaPaglia, Sibylla Budd


Robert Connolly, John Maynard, Domenico Procacci

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