The Dressmaker




After years working as a dressmaker in Parisian fashion houses, the beautiful and talented misfit Tilly Dunnage returns home to the outback town of Dungatar to reconcile
with her past. Armed with her sewing machine and couture style, Tilly transforms the women of the town and in the process exacts revenge on those who did her wrong.


Kate Winslet ; Judy Davis ; Liam Hemsworth ; Hugo Weaving ; Julia Blake ; Shane Bourne ; Kerry Fox ; Rebecca Gibney ; Caroline Goodall ; Gyton Grantley ; Tracy Harvey ; Sacha Horler ;


Daryl Dellora (executive producer) ; Karl Engeler (executive producer) ; Fred Gaines (executive producer) ; Hugo Grumbar (executive producer) ; Tim Haslam (executive producer) ; P.J. Hogan (executive producer) ; Ian Kirk (executive producer) ; Louisa Kors (line producer) ; Sue Maslin (producer) ; David Hirschfelder (Music) ; Donald McAlpine (Cinematography); Jill Bilcock (Film Editing)

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