The Fort

Imagination is a temporary sanctuary.




Dir:Jess Kenneally, Carly Anne Kenneally

Prod:Shaynna Blaze


Faced with the harrowing reality of family violence, a mother and her young son discover the fantasy world that provides them with sanctuary can’t protect them forever.


What does a mother do when she wants to break the cycle of violence for her son?

Living with family violence, young mother Kitty and her son Tom create a fort that transports them to a series of fantasy worlds that provide an escape from the hostilities they face at home. But, when reality overtakes fantasy,  what does a mother do when she doesn’t want her son to become his father?

This film includes a pre-filmed post-screening discussion presented by Voice of Change with Ryder Jack (Facilitator, Tomorrowman), Georgina Wiliams (Chair, UNWomen Australia) and Adrian Asdagi (Carlton Football Club’s Carlton Respects). They discuss the themes explored in The Fort, suggest ways we can all bring about change by calling out disrespect when we see it and how small actions of many can lead to meaningful large scale change. 


Voice of Change is a not for profit charity using the arts to amplify the voices of victim-survivors of abuse, and to change the cultural attitudes and beliefs that underpin family violence. We believe everyone has a role to play in preventing Domestic Family Violence,  with equality and respect at the core of this movement of change. Click here to learn more and support Voice of Change.

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Eliza Charley, Jess Kenneally, Dean Bills, Liza Dennis


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