The Fort

Imagination is a temporary sanctuary.




Dir:Jess Kenneally, Carly Anne Kenneally

Prod:Shaynna Blaze


Faced with the harrowing reality of family violence, a mother and her young son discover the fantasy world that provides them with sanctuary can’t protect them forever.


What does a mother do when she wants to break the cycle of violence for her son?

Living with family violence, young mother Kitty and her son Tom create a fort that transports them to a series of fantasy worlds that provide an escape from the hostilities they face at home. But, when reality overtakes fantasy,  what does a mother do when she doesn’t want her son to become his father?

This film includes a pre-filmed post-screening discussion with advocates and experts in family and domestic violence, allowing the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the film’s central themes.

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Eliza Charley, Jess Kenneally, Dean Bills, Liza Dennis


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