The Infinite Man

“a lovesick scientist at the centre of one of Australia’s sharpest film scripts in years”

The Guardian

Type:Comedy, Sci-Fi

Dur:85 min


Dir:Hugh Sullivan


Dean is an inventive yet unorthodox scientist who uses his technical expertise to create grand romantic gestures for his girlfriend Lana. After an anniversary weekend goes terribly wrong, a guilt-ridden Dean is spurred to his greatest scientific achievement yet: the invention of time travel. However, what begins as a simple desire to change the past and create the perfect weekend soon leads to a tightening spiral of multiple “Deans”, each one in competition with the next. And any attempts at romantic reconciliation are further complicated when Dean loses Lana in a recurring temporal loop, and must overcome his many selves in order to save her.


Josh McConville, Hannah Marshall, Alex Dimitriades


Sandy Cameron, Kate Croser, Jonathan Page, Cam Rogers

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