The Infinite Man

“a lovesick scientist at the centre of one of Australia’s sharpest film scripts in years”

The Guardian

Type:Comedy, Sci-Fi

Dur:85 min


Dir:Hugh Sullivan


Dean is an inventive yet unorthodox scientist who uses his technical expertise to create grand romantic gestures for his girlfriend Lana. After an anniversary weekend goes terribly wrong, a guilt-ridden Dean is spurred to his greatest scientific achievement yet: the invention of time travel. However, what begins as a simple desire to change the past and create the perfect weekend soon leads to a tightening spiral of multiple “Deans”, each one in competition with the next. And any attempts at romantic reconciliation are further complicated when Dean loses Lana in a recurring temporal loop, and must overcome his many selves in order to save her.


Josh McConville, Hannah Marshall, Alex Dimitriades


Sandy Cameron, Kate Croser, Jonathan Page, Cam Rogers

fan quotes:

"Imagine Groundhog's Day if every time Bill Murray woke up he had to contend with all the Bill Murrays that had come before. If you get the chance GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Make it a success so I'll eventually get the chance to see it again." - Matt Waits

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