The Portal

Calm your mind, open your heart, transform the world.


Dur:90 mins


Dir:Jacqui Fifer


A documentary and book with a global vision to shift humanity out of a state of crisis.
Once in a while a film comes along and speaks to the need of the time. The Portal follows six real life stories that all overcome trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD using a simple yet powerful technique. In our current state of the world, the question is asked, what does the planet look like if we all did this?
“Blown Away!! So so profound, and a message the world needs to hear.” – Maria Sipka, Co-Founder of Linqia
“This film is a game changer!” Andrea Brooke, Sonic Butterfly 
“Perfection!” Light Watkins, Vedic Meditation Teacher

THE PORTAL is available for FanForce screenings worldwide.


Amandine Roche, Heather Hennessy, Ron ‘Booda’ Taylor, Due Quach, James R Doty M.D., Ronnie Cahana, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Mikey Siegel, Dr Julia Mossbridge Cognitive


Director: Jacqui Fifer. Producers: Tom Cronin, Jacqui Fifer. Writers: Tom Cronin, Jacqui Fifer. DOP: Dan Freene ACS. Editor: Gary Woodyard.



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