The Tail Job

Perhaps the funniest film to ever come out of Australia- Cinema Slasher


Dur:95 min


Dir:Bryan Moses and Daniel Millar



When Nicholas discovers his fiancé Mona has been sending text messages to a mystery man, he decides to tail her in a cab while she’s out on a supposed “girl’s night”.  Unfortunately for Nicholas, his cab driver Trevor is prone to road rage and quickly loses sight of her.  But Nicholas is desperate to find the truth, and Trevor is keen to keep the meter running, so they embark on a comical goose chase across Sydney, using terrible detective skills to make their way back to Mona – risking their lives while crossing paths with lowlifes, psychopaths, and Sydney’s most notorious gangster.


Craig Anderson, Blair Dwyer, Laura Hughes, Kellie Clarke, Dorje Swallow


Writers DOPs, Editors, producers: Bryan Moses, Daniel Millar, Producer: Laura Hughes Soundtrack: Michael Lira Sound Mix: Nigel Christensen


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