the white planet

“a look at life and survival in one of the most inhospitable places in the world: the Arctic”



Dur:86 min


Dir: Thierry Ragobert , Thierry Piantanida


The Arctic is a world apart, ruled by the cold and shaped by ice and wind. A world of frozen seas, the pack ice, immense plains, tundra, glittering mountains and glaciers, all inhabited by magnificent animals that have managed to adapt to conditions at the very limits of survival. From the beginning of winter to the triumphant return of the sun, this white planet is an unexpected kingdom awaiting discovery. But it is also a fragile and threatened world, susceptible to humanity’s impact on the climate. Could this majestic home to the polar bear, caribou, muskox and other unique fauna be about to disappear when we are only beginning to really discover it?


Jean-Louis Étienne


Thierry Ragobert , Thierry Piantanida

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