The Coming War On China

A gripping film ... a strong corrective to our bland and complacent indifference -- Peter Bradshaw, Guardian


Dur:110 min


Dir:John Pilger



A nuclear war between the United States and China is not only imaginable but a current ‘contingency’, says the Pentagon. John Pilger’s 60th film and first since 2013’s Utopia is his most urgent work to date and is both a warning and an inspiring story of resistance.

The Coming War on China, filmed over two years across five potential flashpoints in Asia and the Pacific, reveals the build-up to war on more than 400 US military bases that encircle China in a ‘perfect noose’. Using rare archive and remarkable interviews with witnesses, Pilger’s film discloses America’s secret history in the region – the destruction wrought by the equivalent of one Hiroshima every day for 12 years, and the top secret ‘Project 4.1’ that made guinea pigs of the population of the Marshall Islands.



WRITTEN, DIRECTED & PRODUCED by John Pilger; EDITOR:​ Joe Frost; LINE PRODUCER: ​Sandra Leeming; EXECUTIVE PRODUCER:​ Christopher Hird; ASSISTANT DIRECTOR:​ Bruno Sorrentino; CHIEF ARCHIVE PRODUCER: ​Jacqui Edwards; ARCHIVE PRODUCERS:​ Paul Gardner, Jim Anderson; CAMERA: ​Rupert Binsley, Owen Scurfield, Bruno Sorrentino, Joseph Zafar; SOUND:​ Zubin Sarosh, Giles Khan, Jouni Elo, Cooper Seng


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