‘Never give up on hope’


Type:Faith Based Drama

Dur:93 mins


Dir:Angus Benfield



Trust, originally inspired by the book of Job, is a film that tells the story of Daniel Rainwater, an everyday guy whose life is very much falling apart. As his marriage to Sarah begins to crumble, he loses his job thinking that life couldn’t get any worse. It does.¬†Bitter towards God and going nowhere fast, Daniel must learn to trust God again before he loses it all for good.

For Sarah, as tensions in the marriage rise, she falls out of love. Only to be confronted with whether she can still believe in her marriage and in hope once again.

Meanwhile their children Lea and Jonah are going through their personal journeys, with Lea having to learn to trust in her parents and Jonah having to overcome his individual fears.

Trust is a film that ask the age old question of ‘How do we trust God, when life is falling apart?’ A family faith-based film that helps us reconnect to our roots and actually gives us tools to get through life realistically, beckoning us to have faith once again. Trust carries a thread of relevancy to everyone that no matter what you’re going through, ‘Never give up on hope‘.


Keith Austring, Lisa Carey, Chealsea Bennet, Lachlan Smith


Lyle Carey, Angus Benfield, Mick Eady


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