Who I Am


Dur:23 min


Dir:Naomi Ball

Prod:Naomi Ball, Cadance Bell, David Elliot-Jones


A transgender and Autistic teen learns to be himself with the help of their own original animated characters, The Fallens.

WHO I AM is a touching story of a transgender teen who is also Autistic. 14-year-old Charlie (pronouns he/him/it) finally comes out to his mum, setting him on a path of navigating the first steps of transition – the social transition – and ultimately settling into his identity with a new name Aether. Meanwhile his mum Anthea goes on her own journey to embracing her child for all that he is.

The story is told through observational moments, intimate reflections from the whole family, and Aether’s own original animated characters, The Fallens, coming to life.

Coming to cinemas in limited release from June 2023. Book now to host your own screening!




Aether, Anthea


Charles Alexander, Sky Davies, Daniel Gallagher, Gianna Mazzeo, Hannah Palmer, Flick Smith, Greta Robenstone, Juliet Miranda Rowe, Aether, Jacob Richards, Chris Mylrea


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