Wild Butterfly

The Claire Murray Story


Dur:101 min


Dir:Shireen Narayanan


Wild Butterfly is an internationally acclaimed and multi award-winning dramatised Australian documentary that reveals the true story behind its headlines.

Its production charts a labyrinthine 9-year journey uncovering an horrific unsolved crime of child sexual violence, Catholic institutional cover-up, medical negligence, missing police records, manipulation by chequebook journalism and trial by mainstream and social media.

24-year-old Claire Murray’s desperate search for a lifesaving second liver transplant becomes a trial by national media. Claire is condemned by the public, who decides she is undeserving of another chance. But what the public doesn’t know is that Claire has a terrible secret.

Wild Butterfly explores the trauma of childhood sexual violence and its relationship to ongoing mental health issues and drug use. It uncovers the hidden story behind a family’s tragic circumstances and opens or eyes to the impacts of social injustices and prejudices that could befall anyone and anyone’s daughter.

Disclaimer: Wild Butterfly deals with challenging and confronting themes. If watching the film raises any issues for you we encourage you to seek support.”


Ashleigh Zinko, Rose McKenna, Daniel Luxton


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