Conquering Cancer

International Women's Day Presentation - Cinema Nova Carlton

host: ACPCC & Roche Australia

where: Tuesday 8th March, 6:30 pm Cinema Nova Carlton

380 Lygon St Carlton

$23.00 AUD Admission + $2.00 booking fee + $5.00 fundraiser fee = $30.00

*This screening is a fundraiser and has a Q&A session.

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This Special Presentation Screening for International Women’s Day will include a Q&A with guest speakers Sue Collins, Professor Karen Canfell, Professor Marion Saville and Professor Yin Ling Woo.


Can you imagine a world without cancer? For the first time in human history, the elimination of a cancer – cervical cancer – is possible. Eliminating this preventable disease is already a remarkable Australian success story. Now we must make it a global reality.
An action of this scale has the power to shape history, a movement so forceful it is referred to as a ‘moonshot’. When NASA sent man to the moon we were presented with a literal moonshot, but Conquering Cancer is not a journey to the moon, it is a journey to the future.
Travelling from Australia to Malaysia; Zambia to the USA; Colombia to Switzerland, you’ll meet the inspiring women who have faced cervical cancer head on. Their stories are full of wisdom, determination and heart, and their triumph will give you hope for a cervical cancer free world.
Conquering Cancer is definitive film with a soaring ambition: to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer for every woman and girl. It will show you what needs to be done to achieve this incredible feat and save the lives of an estimated 62 million women.

This Special Presentation Screening for International Women’s Day will include a Q&A with the following guest speakers:

Sue Collins
Sue is a multi-award winning producer, writer, researcher and content creator. Her passion is in creating work that directly benefits others and moves humanity forward. Conquering Cancer is Sue’s latest impact film project.

Professor Marion Saville
Executive director of ACPCC and advocate for equal and fair access to cervical cancer screenings globally, Marion has been apart of many powerful initiatives to eliminate cervical cancer across the world.

Professor Karen Canfell
Chair of Cancer Council Australia’s Cancer Screening and Immunisation Committee, Director of Cancer Research at Cancer Council NSW and Adjunct Professor at Sydney Medical School. Karen brings a wealth of experience to cancer screening policy and evaluation.

Professor Yin Ling Woo
Professor Yin Ling Woo is a founding trustee of the ROSE Foundation, which removes obstacles to cervical cancer screenings. In collaboration with ACPCC, Program ROSE works in Malaysia with the goal of becoming the first country in the region to be cervical cancer free

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