Birregurra Mechanics Hall

host: Birregurra Film Society

where: Saturday 17th August, 7:00 pm Birregurra Mechanics Hall

Main Street Birregurra

$10.00 AUD Admission + $2.00 booking fee = $12.00

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When dwindling membership and increasing overheads makes a local bowling club and prime candidate for a takeover, it’s all hands on deck to save the club, in what turns into an epic battle where young meets old, greed meets good and people rise to the occasion in extraordinary circumstances.

Jack Simpson is a wisecracking, directionless lay-about who works at an inner city telemarketing firm. For years he has been a member at the Cityside Lawn Bowls Club (in fact he has three memberships), but he has never played a single game, having only joined to get the free parking spaces from which he makes extra cash by renting them to his workmates. But Cityside is in dire financial trouble and a greedy developer, Bernie Fowler, wants to turn it into a soulless pokies venue. The Club President, Len, decides that all existing members must now play and Jack reluctantly has to turn up on Saturdays to take part in the bowling matches. Jack proves to be a natural player but he soon annoys and upsets the older club members with his brashness and lack of tact. Veteran player Stan, sensing that Jack only needs some guidance, both in the game and in life, takes him under his wing acts as a father figure, teaching him to think of other people apart from himself.

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