Cry Of The Forests

Fair Harvest Permaculture

host: Ann Ward and Janny Lane

where: Thursday 12th August, 6:00 pm Fair Harvest Permaculture

426 Carters Rd, Burnside, WA 6285

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*This screening has a Q&A session.

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Few people know what us really happening to our native forests in the south west of WA. This award winning film by Jane Hammond gives us an opportunity to see the impact of logging on these unique forests.
All funds raised from donations will go to support the Nannas For Native Forests and their important work trying to stop the logging of our native forests.

There will be a short question and answer session after the film for those who would like to know more.

Donations will be accepted at the venue and proceeds to go to Nannas of the Native Forest.

Tickets are free as the film has been paid for in advance. If you are not able to  come after making a booking, please notify us so we can fill your place. The idea is for the film to be seen by as many people as possible.

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The forests of the south west of Western Australia are found no where else on earth. They are part of one of the most biodiversity rich hotspots on the planet but they are under threat.

Logging is decimating these special places, turning the forests into wastelands. We are clearing our forests at an alarming rate and most of the logs end up as sawmill waste, charcoal or wood chips. Just 15 per cent is turned into quality furniture.

Meanwhile climate change is impacting on the south west and rainfall is declining. The forests play a vital role in creating the rain that feeds the streams, environment and agricultural industries

Yet these magnificent forests are excellent stores of carbon.

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