Cry of the Forests

Porongurup Hall

host: Friends of the Porongurup Range

where: Thursday 9th December, 7:00 pm Porongurup Hall

2257 Porongurup Rd, Porongurup WA 6324

$10.00 AUD Admission + $2.00 booking fee = $12.00

*This screening has a Q&A session.

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The forests of the south west of Western Australia are found nowhere else on earth. They are part of one of the most biodiversity rich hotspots on the planet and they play a vital role in drawing down and storing carbon.

Yet we are cutting them down at the rate of 10 football fields every single day.

Logging is decimating these special places. Most of the logs end up as sawmill waste, charcoal or wood chips. Just 15 per cent is turned into useable timber.

Meanwhile climate change is impacting on the south west and rainfall is declining. The forests help create the rain that feeds the streams, environment and agricultural industries. But despite all this the destruction of these valuable ecosystems continues.

Cry of the Forests is a call to action to save our forests before it’s too late. It is an independent documentary film made in partnership with the WA Forest Alliance.

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