Descent into the Maelstrom

Regent Cinemas Ballarat, VIC

host: Lou Ridsdale

Tuesday 22nd August, 7:05 pm Regent Cinemas Ballarat

49 Lydiard St, Ballarat

$20.00 AUD Admission

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Lou Ridsdale brings you this special screening of Descent into the Maelstrom on Tuesday the 22nd of August at 7:05pm at Regent Cinemas Ballarat, VIC!

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the film

Sydney, Australia. 1974. A group of outsiders band together with a mission. In a world of satin jumpsuits and screaming teens on Countdown they form the high energy rock’n’roll band RADIO BIRDMAN forever determined to keep compromise from their art. Switched off shut down and booted out of venue after venue they stay determined to do things their own way slowly accumulating a cult-like following a ‘New Race’ of disaffected youth who rally around the band. Descent into the Maelstrom is the true story of Radio Birdman from their original formation to the present. It shows what the band meant to the fans and how they changed Australia by inspiring a golden age of local music from Cold Chisel to Midnight Oil. Featuring interviews with all surviving members of the band and not shying away from the internal conflict which sometimes fuelled the band’s performances.


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