Enough! Gala Event

Urban Winery, The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, NSW

host: Enough! Lebanon's Darkest Hour

where: Wednesday 1st December, 9:00 pm Urban Winery Sydney

Building 121, Bent Street The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park NSW 2021

$148.00 AUD Admission + $2.00 booking fee = $150.00

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Guests will walk the red carpet, have photos taken in front of the media wall, and enjoy unlimited Lebanese food and drinks while hob-knobbing with the filmmakers, stars, celebrities, personalities, media and official guests.

Scenes from the film will be screened on monitors while the original musical score from the film, composed by world class pianist and composer Georges Tomb, will be piped through the speakers and fill the night with power and passion.

Guests will have the opportunity to engage in intimate discussion with the Director and Producers to learn more about the behind the scenes work that went into making this film a global success.

Please note this ticket does not include a ticket to the film screening.

To purchase a ticket to the film and Q&A session, featuring GUEST MODERATOR WALKLEY AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST TRACEY SPICER, click here.

To purchase a ticket to the film only session, click here.

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This is not only a MOV-IE it is a MOVE-MENT

By attending this event you will be supporting our mission to ensure the movement for change in Lebanon, inspired by this film, continues to build momentum and becomes a powerful humanitarian movement that attracts broad interest and support around the world.

All funds raised will be used for the promotion of this film and all activities, publicity, campaigns related to the movement for change.

For further information and to get behind our petition for a FreeandFairLebanon click this link: www.change.org/freeandfairlebanonVOTE2022.



Multi-award-winning documentary including winner of the Movie That Matters Award at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, comes home to Australia after a successful five-month international festival tour, for its official theatrical release.

The eyes of the world were forced to turn their gaze upon Lebanon, not only because of the Beirut Port explosion that  devastated this ancient city on 4th August 2020, but also because it stands as an allegory for kleptocratic regimes that have  seen a resurgence across the globe.

The film puts a spotlight on the ruling class and the manifold issues facing the country, especially the systemic corruption, through exclusive and controversial interviews with many of the key political leaders and blows the lid on the under-the table, pie-sharing deals that have permitted many of these leaders and cronies to remain in power for decades.

The film addresses the 2019 people’s revolution and the global social justice movement that was triggered among the  Lebanese diaspora around the world who rallied to support their families back home. It provides a powerful insight into the  complex traditional and emotional loyalties that still threaten the chance for change and evolution.

Shot over 4 years and across 4 continents, the film is beautifully filmed by award-winning Director of Photography, Justin  Hanrahan ACS, and creatively edited by Academay Award nominee, Marcus D’Arcy ASE. The musical score, composed by  international pianist and composer, Georges Tomb, and performed by the 83-piece Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, powerfully compliments the emotionally provocative journey told by award-winning journalist and director Daizy Gedeon.



Sydney – from December 1 2021

Melbourne – from December 2 2021

Brisbane – from December 11 2021

Auckland – from February 9 2022

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